If you have materials which you would like to submit to the Lest People Forget project, please visit the “share your story” (or click here) page and send us a message. Please describe what it is that you’d like to submit, how you obtained the material, and what information you would like for us to share about you and your story with the world. We greatly appreciate your help and will be in touch shortly!


  1. Visit the Ethereum Name Service for the LestPeopleForget.eth domain by clicking here
  2. To the right of the Expiration Date of the domain name, click EXTEND 
  3. Choose how many years you would like to extend the life of the LestPeopleForget.eth domain
  4. After selecting the number of years, click EXTEND again and then CONFIRM.

NOTE: In order to extend the life of the LestPeopleForget.eth domain you must connect your Ethereum Wallet.


  1. Download the IPFS software by visiting the IPFS Website (here) for step by step instructions to install the software.
  2. Open the IPFS software once installation is complete.
  3. Go to FILES on the left side bar
  4. Click IMPORT and then choose FROM IPFS
  5. Copy and Paste the following code into “Path or CID” and click IMPORT
  6. Once the files appear, click on the THUMBTACK ICON to PIN THE FILES.
  7. OPTIONAL STEP:  On your taskbar, right click the IPFS icon, hover over SETTINGS, and click LAUNCH AT LOGIN.
  8. You are now helping preserve the files on this website!


The Lest People Forget project is in need of volunteers to help us to sort through submissions, as well as help with translations. If you would like to volunteer to help, please submit your contact information and specify what languages you speak. Thank you!