From The Depths – Survivor Torah Project

From the Depths aims to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and to give a name to those who were brutally murdered.

While volunteering for From the Depths’ “Matzeva Project,” which recovers Jewish gravestones, Polish students were going door-to-door asking residents about gravestones which may have been repurposed during or after World War II. They encountered an elderly couple who brought them into their home and lifted the cushions from their couch to reveal a brown-paper wrapped Torah scroll which had been hidden there since 1939 when the Jewish community in their town was entirely deported or murdered. Before the deportation of their Jewish next door neighbors, the Wróblewski family was given the Torah scroll and asked to keep it safe. 

The scroll’s condition was dire as half of it was used by the family over the past 70 years as rags, and even insoles for shoes. Now, founder & executive director of From The Depths, Jonny Daniels, plans to have the Torah restored, letter by letter, by Holocaust survivors. Daniels travels the world meeting survivors and presenting them with the unique opportunity to inscribe the Torah. Once completed, Daniels intends to donate the scroll to the Knesset in a ceremony attended by Holocaust survivors from throughout the world. 

We are so grateful for the work being done by the From the Depths Foundation, and so proud to utilize the Lest People Forget platform to share the Survivor Torah’s journey, and the stories of the survivors who will take part in completing and restoring it!