Announcements To The Jewish Population In Lodz

First Announcement: An appeal by the district Jewish committee and the general Jewish committee of Lodz to the Jewish population to donate generously to the memorial fund for those who perished in the Holocaust and the Warsaw (Warszawa) ghetto’s fighters.
The authors of the announcements emphasize that by partaking in this initiative, the Holocaust survivors will pay tribute to the millions of Jews who perished and to the brave heroes of the uprising in the ghetto. It seems that this initiative took place on the fifth anniversary of the uprising.

Second announcement: An appeal dated June 1947 on behalf of the Education and Culture section affiliated with the “HeHalutz” organization in Poland: Requesting the community of Holocaust survivors to send their children and youths to study Hebrew & Jewish tradition at the “Ghetto Fighters” Hebrew school in 72 Wschodnia street.



Images courtesy of the Ghetto Fighters House Archive

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