Order Of The Nazi Occupation Authorities To Round Up The Jews Of The City Of Kyiv On The Outskirts Of Babyny Yar

The order was issued on September 28, 1941. On the same day, about 2,000 copies were posted around the city. At the same time, disinformation about the intention to conduct a census and resettlement of Jews was spread. Therefore, most of them complied with this order by gathering at the specified place. From September 29, 1941, for five days, about 52,000 Kyiv Jews (mostly children, women, and the elderly) were shot in the Babyn Yar tract. During the two years of the Nazi occupation, more than 100,000 people were killed here, including Ukrainians, Russians, Roma, etc. Among those shot were communists, prisoners of war, hostages, underground fighters, partisans, and members of the national liberation movement.


Shared by the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War

See more at https://warmuseum.kyiv.ua

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