Sylvia Steinberg

Sylvia Steinberg endured great loss with incredible resilience and gratitude. 

She was born in Romania, and was just three years old when the war began. After losing both her parents, she was sent to live with her grandparents, before her Jewish grandfather whisked her away to a Catholic boarding school to keep her safe until the war ended. 

She met her husband after the war, and the young couple left Romania for the United States in search of a better life. They settled in Baltimore to raise their family, and Sylvia began a 40-year career she loved as a medical illustrator. 

In 2004, five years after her husband passed away, Sylvia moved to Canada to help her daughter, who was training in psychiatry, and her son-in-law raise their three daughters.

Sylvia is full of love and grace. A true ‘Balabusta’, her art is extraordinary and you can really feel her soul! 

When I took the Holy Torah out before we wrote a letter together, her eyes glistened as she recalled her Grandfather taking her as young girl to their shul, and together we wrote a letter renewing this Torah saved from the Holocaust in honor of her and in memory of those she lost.

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